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  • Seat 1 - Commissioner Doug Liles
    Term: January 2021 - January 2025
  • Seat 2 - Commissioner Donna Johns
    Term: January 2021 - January 2025
  • Seat 3 - Commissioner Kriss Faulk, Chairman

    Term: January 2019 - January 2023

Interim Director

  • Darrin Dunwald

The mission of the South Walton County Mosquito Control District is to serve the district by suppressing both pestiferous and disease carrying mosquito populations to a tolerable level in the safest, most economical manner, utilizing a variety of methods in such a way as to minimize potential effects on people, wildlife and the environment while maximizing the value to the district’s taxpayers.

SWCMCD carries out its mission through the following programs:

Spray Zones


Research and Other Programs

Source Reduction


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Other Pests



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