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The South Walton County Mosquito Control District (SWCMCD) is a Florida Independent Special Taxing District.  It was established on May 26, 1964 for the sole purpose of controlling mosquitoes and other nuisance insects to improve the quality of life in beautiful South Walton County.

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There are so many things to enjoy in Walton County’s great outdoors year around.  Whether you are enjoying a backyard barbeque, hiking, swimming, or just relaxing, nothing spoils the fun faster than the mosquito.

Most everyone is familiar with the spray trucks that visit the different areas of our district in the evenings with their lights flashing and the sound of the spray unit running.  There are many more aspects to our program than just applying adulticides.  (pictured below) 1truck applying larvicide. 2chicken coop/trap site. 3Excavator cleaning ditch. 4technician checking water for presence of mosquitoes 5.Staff visiting local school children 6.Truck spraying adulticide

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Ben Brewer, Director

 Find out what Spray Route you are located in using our interactive map.

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