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2015-08-18 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Oct 6, 2015 | Meetings

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August 18, 2015



The Board of Commissioners of the South Walton County Mosquito Control District held its Regular Board Meeting at the District Office at 774 North Highway 393, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida at 9:30 a.m.

The Commissioners attending the meeting were Tim Norris, Ronald Faulk and John J. Magee. Also attending the meeting were Director Ben Brewer, Office Coordinator Geraldine Via, Bonnie McQuiston and Pat Magee.

The meeting opened with a Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

A motion was made by Commissioner Norris, seconded by Commissioner Faulk to approve the minutes of the June 16, 2015 Budget Workshop. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Commissioner Norris, seconded by Commissioner Faulk to approve the minutes of the July 9, 2015 Regular Board Meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

Director Brewer presented the Financial Reports for July 2015.

Commissioner Magee asked for approval of the monthly expenditures list for the month of July 2015. Motion was made by Commissioner Faulk, seconded by Commissioner Norris. Motion passed unanimously.

Director Brewer presented for approval Local Budget Amendment #7 in the amount of $16,500. The amounts to be transferred from Contingency account # 89 are $500.00 to Freight Services Account #42 and $16,000 to Capital Outlay account #60 for the purchase of a new generator for the office building. A motion was made by Commissioner Faulk seconded, by Commissioner Norris to approve Local Budget Amendment #7 as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

Office Coordinator Via presented the Board with copies of the actuarial report completed by Foster & Foster Actuaries and Consultants. She explained how the actuarial works for future retirees. A Trust Fund needs to be set up for the funds that are reserved to fund OPEB, Other Postemployment Benefits Program.

Director Brewer stated there is no attorney report or invoice. Commissioner Magee asked for the Board’s input regarding him and Director Brewer scheduling a meeting with Attorney Youell to evaluate her services. The Board was in agreement.

Director Brewer presented the Activity Report for the month of July 2015. He received a phone call about the possibility of two people with West Nile Virus on the west end of the District. Spraying has been increased and more inspections are being done searching for larvae. He explained that the birds are the problem with mosquitoes biting the birds then biting people which spreads the West Nile Virus. All the full time employees have volunteered to spray when needed, morning or night. There were eight chickens positive for West Nile Virus and three for Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

Director Brewer presented the Board with pictures of a closed cab Kubota RTV1100 4X4 that could be used when adulticiding in areas such as the golf courses, ball parks and other areas that are hard to access by truck.

Commissioner Magee announced the Tentative Budget Hearing is September 10th at 5:05 p.m.

Commissioner Faulk suggested the commissioners conduct exit interviews for employees when they retire or leave the district. He also suggested some form of recognition for Mechanic Darrin Dunwald and Heavy Equipment Operator Randy Wright for doing such good work on the excavator.

Commissioner Magee stated he wanted to recognize and reward Office Coordinator Geraldine and Kenny McDaniel for their work on the educational program. He has been made aware that it is not in the policy for so monetary reward or time off so neither is allowed at this time. Director Brewer explained that if we set up certain goals all employees have the opportunity to meet then we can award a bonus, if those goals are met.

Commissioner Magee stated evaluations are coming up soon for both the director and employees.

Commissioner Magee asked Director Brewer to restate his action items. Director Brewer stated he will get quotes for the generator, he and Office Coordinator Via will continue working on a trust for the actuarial funds, he will get a quote for the total package for the Kubota including trailer and sprayer, find exit interview for employees, set up a trap in Driftwood area, and work on an employee recognition policy and certificates.

Mrs. Bonnie McQuiston complimented the work done on the office building and she asked about benefits for the employees/commissioners being changed and what drove that change. Office Coordinator Via explained the benefit change.

A motion was made by Commissioner Faulk, seconded by Commissioner Norris to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:08 a.m. Motion passed unanimously.




_______________________                                                  __________________________

Tim Norris, Secretary                                                              John Magee, Chairman



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